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2020 Session One

For pups ages 9-22 weeks. We'll show you how to teach your pup good manners and prevent unruly behavior in fun, innovative ways. We make learning fun and rewarding. Volunteers provide an opportunity for socialization and introduces your pup to new sights and sounds. Attendance at the first two classes is mandatory.

Dogs from 6 months to senior citizens will begin to learn sit, down, wait, come and loose lead walking. Individual behavior problems are also addressed. Attendance at the first class is mandatory. 

This class is a follow-on to the Beginning Manners class.

This class is for dogs who are reactive to animals, people or other objects but have not bitten another dog or person. Basic behaviors will be reviewed and strengthened. Desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques will be introduced. Reading dog's body language and correct introduction methods will be explained. You will learn positive reinforcement methods to improve and manage your dog's reactive behaviors. 

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2227 Drake Ave Building #9

Huntsville, AL 35805

​We are located in the Brahan Springs Professional Village

Email: kindhearts.org
Tel:  256-881-5700